How New Mosaic Operate

Qualified* start-up life science businesses or established companies who wish to grow are invited to contact New Mosaic to arrange an initial meeting. 

We also actively seek to identify and contact ventures where there seems to be potential for partnership working. There are no charges for the initial meeting, and with our shared reward arrangement, no charge for any subsequent meetings or discussions.  During the initial meeting we will explore with you the potential for joint working on the development of the business.  New Mosaic will outline how a potential partnership may work and you provide information on the idea, the business plan and broad details of financial and other resources available.

If a strong potential to work together is identified, further meetings will be arranged where the business model and potential partnership working will be explored in much greater depth.   These discussions will lead to a go or no-go decision, and if we agree in principal to work together, an agreement will be drafted.
* Qualified Business. To ensure that a start-up business has a good prospect of success, we do ask that your venture has reached a certain point in it's development. 

An assessment will be made of various factors such as the existence of a credible business plan, capital available and the previous experience and personal commitment of the people involved.

For established businesses that are planning growth there will be a similar consideration of the commitment and resources available for the enterprise.
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Working Collaboratively with Your Business
Working Collaboratively with Your Business