New Mosaic Ltd was formed in 2011 by Dominic O'Regan.  We offer start-ups and existing life science companies expertise and time to ensure they successfully create, establish and expand their venture.  We operate by working collaboratively with business over the medium-long term.

New Mosaic provides an agreed amount of time and expertise to the business to maximise the chance of success.  In return New Mosaic Ltd usually agrees with the company to take a small share of equity or of eventual turnover or profit.  With this arrangement we do not take any fees for our work.  The venture retains control of the enterprise.  New Mosaic is there to provide the required help and expertise.  We also offer fee based consultancy to those companies who prefer to operate in this way.

We have 20 years experience of working with life science business.  We have worked on several business ventures in different disciplines and sectors.
An extensive network of consultants is also offered cross a range of disciplines for specific tasks. New Mosaic will help to identify the appropriate expertise and work with them to ensure cohesive operation.
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New Mosaic Ltd, 38 Castelnau Gardens, London, SW13 8DU
Working Collaboratively with Your Business
Working Collaboratively with Your Business
Key expertise includes:
  • expertise in pharmaceuticals, medical devices and other life science technologies
  • driving new projects in their early-middle stages
  • researching and scoping the market
  • initiating joint working partnerships
  • optimising the use of limited resources to achieve maximum results
  • marketing, strategic and tactical
  • customer and client service
  • process mapping and refinement