Flexible Fee Arrangement

New Mosaic offer two arrangements for payment. You may prefer to pay fees for our services, based on the expertise required, the time given and other factors.

Alternatively you may be interested in our shared reward arrangement. With this arrangement New Mosaic typically does not take charge any fees, but agrees to take a small equity share or share of future turnover or profit.  New and growing ventures are often cash poor so paying consultants or permanent staff may not be an option or may be difficult to justify for a business that does not yet have revenue.  The demand on the cash is less at a time when your business is most cash poor the early stages.  Additionally help is provided immediately, when your venture needs it.  Delaying help until finance may be available means missed opportunities.

We only receive remuneration if your business achieves the agreed measures of success.

Payment through shared reward is open to businesses who meet key qualifying criteria and where both parties agree that this is likely to be the most productive arrangement.