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Welcome to New Mosaic     Working Collaboratively with Life Science Business

Most life science business ventures have a dual challenge.  They invariably have very limited financial and other resources, but they also need to quickly develop a deep understanding of their business sector and the market in which they operate and so deliver their business plan.  

Understanding the specific business sector includes all internal process needs and the external legal and regulatory requirements. Understanding the market includes ensuring competitors are assessed, the product/service is positioned appropriately and there is insight into what the customer wants. To achieve the full potential of the venture, the implementation of the business plan should be timely and effective.  A poorly implemented plan is damaging to the chances of success.

The development of sector and market understanding and implementing the plan is resource hungry. Business ventures usually do not have enough time or expertise in all areas to safeguard their success and ensure that their growth is sustainable. This resource gap is a major reason why some life science businesses fail and others do not develop to their full potential.
Working Collaboratively with Your Business
New Mosaic Ltd operates collaboratively with new and established life science businesses. These may be pharmaceutical, medical device or other life science technologies such as big data and apps.

The collaboration is usually medium to long term. New Mosaic usually does not take fees for their services but agrees a reward based on share of equity, or eventual turnover or profit. Alternatively fees may be agreed if this is preferred by both parties.
Working Collaboratively with Your Business